Jesters by Jameson

I’m looking for an artist called Jameson who paints Jesters. Does anybody know them, or know how I can find them?


In 2008 I travelled to Prague. I love looking at markets, finding trinkets and odd things. Markets are perfect for me. I stood for a while flicking through prints and photos at one of the stalls on a Sunday afternoon and came across a print that I instantly fell in love with:


I immediately bought the print and tucked it away in a safe place for me to take home. A day later I realised I hadn’t finished looking through the whole stack of images and so went back for another look. Low and behold I found another print by the same artist with a similar subject:


Again I instantly bought it and made sure there weren’t any other similar prints by going around the entire stall twice. I haven’t managed to find any information on the original paintings or the artist. All I know is the name signed on both prints is “Jameson”. I’ve tried searching Google Images and Flickr for similar images, or for more on the artist and have always come up blank. What I’m hoping is that this blog will somehow put me in touch with the artist, or with anyone with similar prints. I’ve added watermarks to the above images for copyright purposes, as clearly the original images don’t belong to me. Once I find the artist I’ll remove the images to protect their work.

Jameson signature – Jesters by Jameson

Jameson signature - Jesters by Jameson

One thing I do know is that this blog is now on many search engines, and so others looking for a painting with a title such as “Jesters by Jameson” will be directed here.

If you’re looking too, please get in touch. Even better, if you are Jameson, drop me a line 🙂


UPDATE: A reverse image search on Google took me to an artist page that sells prints. I’ve contacted them about the artist and am awaiting an email back.