Credit where it’s Not Due

I’ve been trying to work out how it’s decided who’s House Director name goes on the end credits for Celebrity Big Brother. At first I thought it was the two names of the people working the middle shift, ie, 9-5. During the day there are 4 or 5 House Directors throughout the 24 hour period. But on one evening my name appeared in the credits, even though I did none of the coverage for that show!

Alex Scott Big Brother House Director

It could be a mistake. Maybe the credit is assigned depending on how much coverage is used by individuals. But that seems like a lot of logistical work to do just for a credit. Especially when there are over a hundred names in the credit sequence.


UPDATE: Turns out the credits were always scheduled depending on the two Directors who worked the 0900-1700 and 1600-0000 shifts. If shifts were swapped, the credits didn’t change.

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