Big Brother 2011: Eviction No 7

Shock result! This week had Jem walk out whilst up for nomination with Aaron. The departure led to all housemates that received a nomination being up for the public vote. This left only Tom, Alex and Louise safe for another week. In part 1 Brian told the housemates that Aaron got the most votes followed by Jay and that the next person to leave would be announced “shortly”.

On this occasion myself and a work colleague took the unusual step of watching the live announcement from INSIDE the house. We stood at ‘window 28’ in the kitchen (the mirror directly behind where the housemates stood to boil the kettle or use the oven) and watched for a truly LIVE experience!

IMG_5923The shock result came in part 2 as Brian announced Harry would be the 7th housemate to leave the Big Brother house.




Big Brother 2011: Eviction No 6

The drama unfolded with 4 housemates up for nomination. Originally it was 2; Anton and Jay. That weeks twist was that both were ‘evicted’, but actually stayed in the Large Task Room of the Big Brother house, designed to look like a crypt. They could watch on a plasma screen everything that was being cut and shown to everyone at home. They used this to their advantage to up their game when they eventually got back in the house. As a finale to the task, Jay chose Harry to also be up for nomination with Anton picking Jem.


However. Come Eviction Friday the public had voted more times for Harry and so he was saved. The shock result was that Jem was also saved with the next best amount of positive votes. A lot of people had their minds already set on her being the one coming out. And so it came down to between Jay and Anton…

… and in part 2 it was announced that Anton was the 6th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. His game was over.



Bit On The Side: Nominations Reveal!

Big Brother UK

My day started with me trying to find a way of doing a Big Brother “Voice Of God” (known from hereon as a ‘VOG’). By the time I got to work, the nomination process had been done and, to mix things up a bit, nominations were allowed to be discussed. In the end Aaron, Faye, Aden, Jay and Anton were all up for eviction.

During the process of figuring out how I can do a VOG I had a conversation with one of the Senior Directors, and by the end of the conversation I was doing the Live directing for our opt-in portion from the Bit On The Side programme. This is usually done by someone who is a Senior or has a few years under their belt. Instead, with only 6 weeks experience on the show, I was allowed to do it. And it went well.

I was nervous as heck before doing it though. Even though I had ample experience as a Director to cover such a thing, it amazed me how much adrenaline my body pumped through my veins!