Bit On The Side: Nominations Reveal!

Big Brother UK

My day started with me trying to find a way of doing a Big Brother “Voice Of God” (known from hereon as a ‘VOG’). By the time I got to work, the nomination process had been done and, to mix things up a bit, nominations were allowed to be discussed. In the end Aaron, Faye, Aden, Jay and Anton were all up for eviction.

During the process of figuring out how I can do a VOG I had a conversation with one of the Senior Directors, and by the end of the conversation I was doing the Live directing for our opt-in portion from the Bit On The Side programme. This is usually done by someone who is a Senior or has a few years under their belt. Instead, with only 6 weeks experience on the show, I was allowed to do it. And it went well.

I was nervous as heck before doing it though. Even though I had ample experience as a Director to cover such a thing, it amazed me how much adrenaline my body pumped through my veins!

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