CBB 2012 Pre-Production Begins

As much as a 3-week holiday from work sounded fun, I couldn’t wait to get back to the Big Brother village…

Pre-production for “Celebrity Big Brother 2012” started for the Directors on 12th December 2011. It was immediately obvious that the design crews and Task Team had been working hard since the previous series finished. The Big Brother house had a dramatic make-over.

Code words were being thrown around as to who the ‘celebrities’ would be who were going in, but as usual the Executive Producers were very good at keeping the secrets in (as they should). Who wants the surprises to be spoilt?

New cameras were installed, new wide-angle lenses were fitted and the ‘rail cam’ in the garden was given a better lens for coverage. The bedroom was redesigned, the garden was given a make-over, the kitchen was modified for better camera coverage. All in all it looked stunning on the gallery monitors. All we needed were some people in there to test it out…

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