Titanium by David Guetta. Directed by David Wilson.

Sometimes I get blown away by watching a scene from a movie. Sometimes to the point of an obsession. I can watch the same clip over and over again, carefully thinking about the shots and dissecting every frame, trying to understand what the Director was thinking, what else the scene could mean, looking for other interpretations to what I’m seeing, hidden meanings, etc. This week I was completely caught off-guard by the music video to a track I’ve grown fond of since I first heard it on the radio. That track is Titanium by David Guetta.

I was working at Channel Five News when I thought about listening to some music whilst I was preparing for a show. I brought YouTube up and searched for Titanium without considering what would actually come up. I just wanted to hear it. From the moment the track started playing I was mesmerised by what I was seeing. And for some reason I’ve had a bit of an obsession over it.

Millions of questions ran through my head from start to finish; Is that a kid? Why is he on the floor curled up like that? Where is he? Wow, is that a school? He looks confused, why? Was that David Guetta on a poster on the wall? Why did she just say “call the police”?! What the hell is going on here? Great tracking shot through the doors, I wonder how did they do that? Where is he going? Who the hell are they and why are they trying to get fit!? Great change of pace and speed. Where was this shot? Where are his parents? Nice planets above the bed. Why is he packing though? Whoa, a gun! Why are the police after him? Brilliant slow-mo as the police break the door down. Were bits of wood added in post production? What the heck just happened!? Where has he gone? The teddy’s are floating!! Brilliant use of light and sunset. Why is he in the woods? Seriously, why are they chasing him? Wow, don’t kick the kid! What has he done? Guns, guns!! What the… eh?! WHAT!

And that’s how it left me. Stunned. And wanting more:

That afternoon I was bouncing off the walls. I had a surge of adrenalin and a sudden passion to get out and shoot something. This was amazing. Such a brilliant piece. A gem. I want to be part of something like that.

I was grateful to find that a behind-the-scenes video had been made to accompany the video. Diretor David Wilson explains some of the processes and we get to see extra bits from behind the cameras as they are rolling. These sorts of videos are of great fascination to me. You can watch it for yourself here:

And if you are interested here’s some of the answers to the questions I had:

The kid is called Ryan Lee. He was in Steven Speilbergs movie ‘Super 8’.
It was shot using the RED ONE camera system (I think).
It was shot in Ste-Marthe-sur-le-lac and at Dorval High school in Quebec, Canada.

One thought on “Titanium by David Guetta. Directed by David Wilson.

  1. I have been so fascinated over the song “Titanium”! From the very beginning of song I feel as if I can personify the melody played through the guitar rift as if the guitar with all other notes and digital keys were talking to Sia or complementing her voice. I dont ever think I’ve felt so deeply in tuned or involved with a song. And the music video is a visual masterpiece that I will never forget. If I could personally thank everyone who had a part in creating these wonderful lyrics piecing together the perfect atomsphere for Sia to bring this song into almost a living being in my mind and heart I would drop everything I’m doing to do so! Thank you all!

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