Ready For Launch

Hello Big Brother fans… Google analytics informs me you read this, so here is an informal hello. *WAVES!*

It’s almost time, nearly there…

On Monday a fellow Director and I spent more than five hours running around the Big Brother house with cameras and a bunch of equipment to film lots and lots of cut-away shots for the show. I tried to go microscopic. Some of the shots are ultra-close-ups of various objects. I’m hoping people will look at a shot and say “What is that? Where is that in the House?”. Some were just wide shots. And a few shots of a *chair*?

I don’t know what they’ll use in the show, it’s down to the Producers and Editors. But there’s plenty of things to chuck into the edits. Look out for lightbulb filaments, kitchen utensils, shiny things. Oh, and my favourite.. DRIPPING TAPS!

Anyone in the House had to either wear silly blue plastic bags over their shoes, or take their shoes off. I opted to take my shoes off. Everything was fine till there was a torrential downpour and water started dripping into the camera runs, right into my shoes! I ended up driving home that night with bare feet as my shoes were still soggy and my socks got soaked too. There had been some changes to the House since a few days ago, so some of our previous coverage had to be changed or re-shot for continuity. Overall it was a successful day, if not incredibly tiring. I was shattered when I got home (put my feet up and watched the Jubilee Concert in HD).

The show launches Tuesday 5th at 8pm with the Auditions show, followed by the Live launch.

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