Big Brother 2012 AKA BBUK Series 13

Firstly, a disclaimer: Anything I write here is not in any way an official comment or statement on behalf of Big Brother, Endemol, Channel 5 or any other form of affiliate. What I write is my own thoughts or comments rewritten from information published elsewhere and already in the Public Domain. The words herein should not be taken as fact. They may be my opinion, misinformation or misunderstood comments from elsewhere on the internet. Just to be clear these are my words, and my words alone, and are not written here in any official capacity whatsoever nor connected in any way to anyone else.

Tuesday felt like a very successful launch show. As with any Live show there are always glitches and hiccups, but I didn’t notice anything too severe. Mind you, I wasn’t fully concentrating on what you saw at home as I was technically on-shift and in the Reality Gallery every now and then making sure everything was as ready as can be.

The audience filed in early on Tuesday and were caught out with the rain. Thankfully lots of poncho’s were handed out. Every Live show has a warm-up act who keeps the crowds in high spirits. It’s usual for “We Will Rock You” to be played for the audience to sing along to and do Mexican waves, etc. it’s all good fun. Even better when it doesn’t rain. I expect some fantastic Live shows throughout the summer. Nothing beats hearing the music playing, the Production Village cabins shaking with bass, hearing the audience roar and watching the show come together as a Live event.

If you are interested in audience tickets for the Live shows by the way, you should head over to and register your interest. Big Brother tickets are regularly dished out. I’ve read elsewhere the capacity is over 600 and if you’re local you stand a better chance, but not essential.

It’s such a blast being a House Director. I’m constantly laughing my head off at conversations and the bizzare things I hear and see. I regularly find myself entering their heated debates with my own opinions. Sometimes the housemates conversations can move onto something different, yet the camera operators and myself continue the debate!

I don’t fully understand the lack of a Live feed, but I do know that if there was one it’d be on constantly in my home. Covering the Housemates for eight hours at a time on shift simply isn’t enough for me! I’m a massive fan! I completely understand there’s a whole process of employment, kit hire, and massive cost involved in setting up the Live feed. Who knows.

I have noticed that the social networking side of Big Brother is working fine. Twitter and Facebook are covered in media. I’ve seen coverage I’ve literally just done appear on the website within seconds. They’re bloody quick! Of course, a Live feed would be quicker 😉 Hey ho. Times have changed.

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