Sky Sports Speedway

No sooner had the lights gone out in the Big Brother house, little jobs pop up elsewhere. And that’s good news for a freelancer.

I’d requested a shadow day at Sky, having been absent from Vision Mixing at Sky Sports News since April. They’d had a refresh of their on-screen graphics and it was definitely worth me going in on my own time to catch-up and get back on track. Off the back of that request I was offered shifts to cover Boxing with Sky Sports. It was later ruled out that it would be unfair for me to apprach a job without having actually even seeing it, even though I’d be more than capable of handing it. As an alternative I was offered a shadow shift to do Speedway instead. My mum would kill me if I admitted I’ve always been a fan of motorbikes (though I don’t have one. Yet), so this seemed like a pretty decent gig.

Bring on the Speedway!

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