A Symi Holiday: Day 4 – After Dark

I thought I had blogged enough for the fourth day. Alas, come nightfall I ventured out again with my camera for some night time photography!

As the golden sky evaporated at sunset to a moody purple and black, I headed back down the long steps once more. Only now do I realise why my feet hurt so much. This time I was armed with a tripod and a wide angle lens. I’d seen some lovely night time shots of Symi on the internet, and it was my time to try snap a few.

Several times I heard foreign tongues mention the word “fotografia” as my larger-than-average camera tripod towered out of my backpack and above my head as I trundled by the many restaurants still open late. I’d been the only person I’d seen carrying a tripod on Symi. #Fact. Definitely the only one out with one at 11pm. Still, I’m not convinced bringing a rucksack just to ship the tripod over in was worthwhile.

Out along the harbour I snapped a few here and there, trying different exposure lengths to get the look of sheet glass along the water. Of course, the longer your exposure, the more blurry the yachts are in the bobbing waves.

Symi by night

I travelled back along the roads I’ve come to know reasonably well, towards the shipyard containing the derelict Lazy Days cruise ship. Out  away from the harbour was a beautiful tall ship, which reminded me of one I had travelled and stayed aboard just a few weeks back. We too had anchored in the middle of a location away from marine traffic and lit ourselves up for everyone to see. I just had to take a snap against the starry sky. The brightest dot to the right is in fact the planet Jupiter, with the Pleiades star cluster in the top right corner. I didn’t catch the name of the ship, mainly because I couldn’t see it.

Symi tall ship by night

Low and behold, at the shipyard, known as Harani Boat Yard, Lazy Days by night was as spectacular as she is by day. Lit only by a single street lamp and the surrounding natural reflecting light, the wasting ship still stands out against the darkness. Chopper, the non-fictional guard dog with fictional ferocity, lay with one eye open monitoring my labour, barking only once when I accidentally hit a wheelie bin with a leg of the tripod…

Lazy Days, By Night

Lazy Days Starlight

Bear in mind, these photos were taken with very little light around. Yet they look almost staged. This is something I crave almost daily, seeing things in a less-than-ordinary way (hence the infrared photography in the coming days).

Being out on your own carrying expensive equipment and having a long walk back to where you stay is perhaps not the best situation to put yourself in. My sixth sense was always telling me to keep an eye out for anything or anyone unusual who may be part of some ploy to chuck me in the harbour and dash off with my stuff. Therefore I didn’t spend too long on the dimly lit streets of Symi. It was a case of ‘get there, get them, get out’.

Oddly, this is the same way I do clothes shopping.

4 thoughts on “A Symi Holiday: Day 4 – After Dark

    1. Thanks for the link and your kind words, Mike! There’s plenty of time left for me to take more snaps. I’m aiming to capture some of the usual things, but in a different way.

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