Tis That Season

For the whole of 2012 I’ve been browsing eBay, hoping that some kind soul would decide to part with their never-used Canon 5Dmkii at a ridiculously low price. No amount of cosmic ordering made this happen. Instead, in the early hours of an overnight shift a wise man with logical reasoning suggested that waiting another 6 months wasn’t going to make much difference, nor was waiting till after Christmas. And buying one now (or buying one in 4 weeks) was going to have the same financial impact. “If you really want one, why not just buy one now?”.

So this morning I caught myself on eBay. And the inevitable happened. My Canon 5Dmkii will arrive in the coming days. Along with spare batteries, dual chargers, memory cards and (randomly) a follow focus whip.

I’m chalking this one up to being a bunch of Christmas presents from myself, to myself.

I really have been meaning to get a hold of one of these for years. My Canon 550D has done wonders for my photography, and has done just as good in the video department. In fact, the 550D was used for filming macro shots and cut-aways for Channel 5’s reality show Big Brother. and Celebrity Big Brother in 2012, and I also shot a music video with it too. To me, it really shows that the 550D is just as good for HD DSLR cinematography than the 5D.

But in saying that, the immediate arguments arise with sensor sizes, colour depth and low-light capabilities. And that’s why I’ve opted for the 5Dmkii. As tempted as I was to go for the 3rd generation I couldn’t justify the additional £600 to have a pure HDMI-out (coming in a 2013 firmware update. Allegedly), and getting rid of “rolling shutter”.

I seem to have acquired a mass amount of DSLR kit since becoming freelance. 2013 is going to be the year it’s all used.

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