The Fitzroy: Principal Photography

Something special happened this week. I became part of a film crew, helping shoot the feature film The Fitzroy. Normally I’m a freelance TV Director and a Vision Mixer and not a Camera Operator, so getting to be involved in something like this was an absolute dream.


Back in December 2012, at the beginning of their crowd funding adventure, I offered my camera kit and services free-of-charge to the producers of The Fitzroy to help bring their idea to life. Since that offer I’ve shot gigabytes of footage for them, including the Green Rock River Band as they recorded the film score, filmed the production crew on a recce to the derelict submarine, captured the script read-through and rehearsals, shot some costume fitting, covered some of the studio build, and squeezed into ridiculously tight corners to capture behind-the-scenes footage during Principal Photography on the actual Black Widow submarine.


Before I go any further I should thank some people for accepting my freebie offer; Director Andrew Harmer, and Producers Liam Garvo and James Heath. Without them saying yes and having confidence with me, none of this journey would have happened. I’ve learned loads, and re-learned things I thought I already knew! They have all been incredibly accommodating and for that I am eternally grateful.


Part of the deal with shooting for free was that I’d be learning ‘on the job’, with no promise of perfection! A few years back my original passion for photography stemmed into shooting HD video using DSLR cameras as a hobby. Since then I’ve accumulated a shedload of kit (literally) but hardly had the time or opportunity to use it. Helping on The Fitzroy came around at just the right time, allowing me to use the kit practically and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

All this footage will eventually be collated and edited into behind-the-scenes clips for the website, social media and the DVD/Blu-Ray release. These videos will be similar in style to the following video released just this week (with my shots in!):

I’ve been given permission to share some of these raw screen grabs from the behind-the-scenes footage I’ve shot so far. So here they are!:


At 10.42am April 15th 2013, Director Andrew Harmer calls “ACTION!” on the first shot!


Actors Cerith Flinn and David Gant (Braveheart) discuss the scene with Andrew.


DoP Ciro Candia shoots David Schaal (The Inbetweeners) in 4k resolution (Ultra HD!) with a “RED” camera.


Who will be visiting The Fitzroy hotel? I could tell you…


Cerith and Carol Robb check the script, preparing for the next scene.


Carol (playing Mildred) shouts at David (playing Cecil). This pair are hilarious!


Camera Operator Ciro perfects his shot, walking backwards through a submarine!


Stuart McGugan (It Ain’t Half Hot Mum) and Cerith discuss the shot.


Cerith (playing Bernard) and Stuart (playing captain Hunt) perform their scenes.


Stuart and Cerith share a laugh on set.

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