Amateur Radio; Revisited

As a geek of all things “film and television” I’m also becoming a geek for radio. Today I rediscovered my interest for amateur radio. As a kid, my friends and I used to use my dads “citizens band” radios for fun, pretending we were police officers, or spies, running around the neighbourhood playing electronic hide and seek. Today I was reminded of the fact it was my granddad who probably started my interest in radio as a young boy when he gave me a radio scanner which let us listen to the pilots at the local airport. Of course, amateur radio has a bit more to it than just scanning frequencies. But it’s definitely granddad John’s fault I like the sound of white noise!

Last year I bought an Intek HR 5500 transceiver. After many nightshifts of research I bought this model as it has the ability to be reprogrammed and use other frequencies, more than what it shipped with as standard. It meant it was capable of the ‘standard’ CB channels, but could also be used on 10m. However, reprogramming it wasn’t easy. For starters, the software to reprogram the radio only works on Windows. And I’m a Mac user. So I had to use emulation software in order to run it. Secondly, the emulator didn’t recognise the reprogramming cable device. This turned out to be a software driver problem. And thirdly, I couldn’t find any documentation to show me where to plug in the cable, or how to use the software!

And so, out of frustration, this tutorial was born. If you have an Intek HR 5500, an Anytone AT5555, a Comtex CX 1000, a SuperStar SS 6900, a Hannover BR 9000 or a K-PO DX 5000, then this video will show you how to reprogram it. The circuitry inside appears to be from the same chinese factory and rebranded for export to different parts of the world. The steps to reprogram all these radios is the same.

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