A Shining Success

Back in November 2012 I contributed towards an IndieGoGo project. The Misfit Team wanted to create an “elegant, all-metal activity tracker that you can sync with your smartphone just by placing it on your phone screen”. They called it the Misfit Shine. The design was beautiful and their approach to the idea was flawless. Word spread quickly about their idea and the internet was a buzz of interest, bringing a lot of positive attention to the gadget. They were asking for $100’000 to complete the project. In the end, they got $846’675.

This morning (August 2013), via international Fed Ex, myShine arrived. It is simplisticly gorgeous. I slotted the battery in, snapped the two halves together and gave it a single tap. It lit up with one bright white LED. Clearly I hadn’t done much movement yet! I downloaded and opened the Shine App and placed it on my iPhone screen. Immediately my phone recognised the device and the screen animation started pulsing. It then downloaded the latest firmware and updated the device. I filled in some basic details such as my age, height and weight, and it suggested a target figure for me to aim for. With all the details sync’d (via bluetooth) the Shine was ready to go…

It’s tiny, it’s light, it’s waterproof. it’s a cool little gadget, and I bloody love it.

What’s great for me is that I’ve been attempting to cut out fatty foods and eat smaller portions in an attempt to be more healthy and lose weight. But as well as watching my portions and worrying about fatty foods, I can now monitor how active I truly am and use personal targets as a way of being more active.

I currently have the Shine securely held within the rubber clasp that came in the (elegant) packaging. The clasp has a magnet on it, and so the device stays attached to the outside of your pocket by placing the magnet on the inside of your pocket, therefore gripping the material between. Classy and clever. Misfit ShineI’ve worn it for a few hours around work today and I’m really impressed with it. Having sync’d it to the iPhone I can see it does a good job of detecting movement. It also has the function to know when you’re asleep (tap it three times before bed, and it’ll give you a fancy ripple indication) and therefore ignores those movements till it realises you’re really up and moving.

There’s a couple of things I wish the Shine had. Firstly, I wish it had an engraved serial number. This would help identify it as mine, God forbid if it was lost or stolen. Similarly, I’d like to be able to lock the device via the App so that nobody else could change the details or use it without logging into the App.


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