This might look like some sort of cryptic puzzle. It’s actually my notes from working a busy shift in Transmission. The scribbles show that 24hrs worth of material for the next days airings were delivered for 9 TV channels. Each one was checked for errors, timed out in order to hit commercial content at specific times (2200hr movie, for example), the data was added to the end of that days’ rolling playlist and each channel saved. Three logs are sent for each channel on a Friday (so the schedulers can have the weekend off!), and so after the normal work for Saturdays TV is done, these checks across the 9 channels were then also completed a further two times for Sunday and Monday.

Due to errors spotted in two of the schedules, a “Version 2” was sent for those logs, hence the maths that states 29 logs 🙂

29 schedules, 24hrs worth of content each; Appended, Timed, Printed, Fixed, Saved.

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