Terminal Shooting Schedule Obsession

Yes, I know. I’ve probably whittled on about it far too much, but I can’t help it. I am intrinsically connected to the movie Terminator 2 whether I like it or not. I could probably give you T-1000 reasons why (see what I did there?), but I won’t. And my continual search for information which would lead to editing the movie into the order the scenes were actually shot in (rather than storyline edit) continues unabated*.

I want to do this purely for an exercise in Production. Which scenes were shot when?

To see what I’ve managed to put together so far, click the following link. You can scroll left and right along the timeline, and click on individual “events” to open them up for more photos and details:

My (unofficial) Terminator 2 Shooting Schedule Timeline

*UPDATE: As a movie memorabilia collector, I ended up finding an original production-used Shooting Schedule for Terminator 2. I have updated the timeline with a bit more information that I know to be accurate and correct!

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