Never the same zombie twice, Helmeczy enjoys walker roles

Zombie Apocalypse Monthly

If you saw her on the street, you probably wouldn’t recognize Michelle Helmeczy, but fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have seen her dozens of times. Helmeczy is a frequent zombie on AMC’s popular post-apocalyptic drama, having appeared on-screen at least a dozen times.

Although some of those performances have been as background walkers seen in the distance, Helmeczy has also made numerous appearances as “hero walkers,” the named walkers who receive the most elaborate make-up effects.

“I have been named as, or seen as: the Nightgown Zombie, School Hallway Zombie, Wood Fence Walker, Chain Fence Walker, Cabin-Guy Eater, Horse Eater, Crowd Runner, Woods Walker, Burning Barn Walker,” she said. “There might be more.”

Acting was an interest Helmeczy had when she graduated from high school in Florida, and she pursued it (and modeling) briefly 3ZombieMe2before life took her in other directions that included marriage and motherhood. As chance would…

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