3 thoughts on “Top Tips for New Freelancers

  1. Hi,
    Ran into your excellent find about Generic HDMI splitter that actually strips HDCP. My plan is to connect my Tivo Roamio to it then split it to a slingbox 500 in hope to get full 1080p LAN streaming and capture it with FRAPS (Windows) for full 1080p/60 (60fps) sports capture. Can you recommend where I could pick one up in the USA or best I purchase from the ebay link provided. Thank you very much in advance!

    1. Hi,

      Having had a quick peek on eBay.com, someone in California is selling splitters that look exactly like the one that works for me.

      The link is here.

      Although I cannot confirm that the supplier is selling the same product, it looks identical. Maybe worth the risk at $40 and see if it works? Let me know so we can confirm.

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