3 responses to “Top Tips for New Freelancers”

  1. Yale Benedek says :

    Ran into your excellent find about Generic HDMI splitter that actually strips HDCP. My plan is to connect my Tivo Roamio to it then split it to a slingbox 500 in hope to get full 1080p LAN streaming and capture it with FRAPS (Windows) for full 1080p/60 (60fps) sports capture. Can you recommend where I could pick one up in the USA or best I purchase from the ebay link provided. Thank you very much in advance!

    • Mercian Media says :


      Having had a quick peek on eBay.com, someone in California is selling splitters that look exactly like the one that works for me.

      The link is here.

      Although I cannot confirm that the supplier is selling the same product, it looks identical. Maybe worth the risk at $40 and see if it works? Let me know so we can confirm.

  2. Barry says :

    Thanks for the tips. Can you recommend a bank for Business Banking?

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