Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Interesting Facts

Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Back-up Disc

The last back-up disc for Celebrity Big Brother, January 2014.

  • Over 3’290 of these back-up discs were used over the 27-day series (not including 3 days of rehearsals!)
  • The back-up discs recorded over 12 MILLION seconds of HD coverage.
  • The camera crews behind the mirrors pushed five heavy cameras more than 70 MILES in total.
  • Every door, lightbulb and electrical appliance is controlled by Big Brother.
  • There were 63 one-way mirrors in this version of the Big Brother house.
  • There were 40 remote-control cameras operated by ONE person this series.
  • There were more than 90 microphones used above beds, sinks, showers, toilets, sofas and the pool.
  • Entire walls were hinged so they could be opened, so large Task sets could be taken in and out.
  • A Runner sneaks in at night and cleans all the windows!
  • A HUGE security team monitor the entire complex 24/7, even when the show is finished, and between series.

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