Collectible Item: Tron Legacy Identity Discs

My fascination with movies started before I was seven years old. Back then our movie collection was on VHS tape, and I’d regularly wear them out. My brother used to dub back-up tapes for when the day came that my originals would no longer play. As a “grown up” I waste entire weekends watching behind-the-scenes featurettes, finding out how stunts were done, and reading blogs and magazine articles by the cast and crew for all the inside info on how movies are made.

One of my worn out VHS cassettes was Tron. As a kid I was captivated by it. The look of the film was different to anything I’d ever seen. The idea of being transported into a computer world was fascinating. And that lightcycle scene was simply mind boggling. When I heard they were making Tron: Legacy I was instantly transported back to the feeling of a kid in the late 80’s.

Knowing the extent that Special Effects had come in the two decades since the first film, the Comic Con proof-of-concept teaser trailer (i.e., not the actual film, but a trailer made for a movie that wasn’t made yet) gave me the chills… and the slow motion test footage of Anis Cheurfa “tricking”and flipping to avoid being derezzed was simply jaw-dropping…

“proof-of-concept” Presentation Trailer (with Comic Con crowd reaction)

Disc Battle Test Footage of Anis Cheurfa (Phantom Camera 1000fps)

At christmas I was pleased to hear that my young nephew was just as keen on Tron: Legacy as I was with Tron as a kid. Same feeling, different time. During the search for Christmas gifts (one of them was a Light Cycle toy) I stumbled across an Identity Disc. These were plastic replicas of the ones used in the movie which light up and play sound effects during battles. It became apparent that more expensive (and limited) “deluxe” versions also existed. Further digging on eBay led me to these…

Sam Flynn Identity Disc

Rinzler Identity Disc

These custom-made upgrades to the Deluxe versions of the original Spinmaster toys are hand-made by a user called Fatal5150 aka Soulinertia. The internals are cleaned out, dremmeled and replace with a stronger power pack and super-bright LED’s.

Needless to say I’ve ordered both the Sam Flynn (black/white and blue) and Rinzler (black/orange and white).

The price might seem high, but at the end of the day you are sourcing a rare and limited edition Deluxe Spinmaster Identity Disc, and having it custom upgraded. After watching his handiwork on this time-lapse, the money seems inconsequential:

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