Video Barcoding

Condensing each frame of a video into a single line and stacking them together. This is what Video Barcoding is. By taking more than one image and merging them together, it can create fascinating views into the colour schemes and lighting. I’m gone through my collection of favourite Film and TV series and started to create a Video Barcode project.

Here’s my first two attempts at Video Barcoding. The first is episode 1 of series 1 along the top, merged with the last episode of the last series of Breaking Bad (with a kick-ass watermark to boot!). The second is Terminator along the top, merged with Terminator 2 Judgment Day along the bottom.

See if you can work out the scenes. In the T2 barcode there’s a pretty obvious red line near the start for the biker bar termovision scene, a clear blue line for the Pescadero State Hospital scenes, the Cyberdyne assault and the ultimate bright orange molten steel pit;

Breaking Bad First and Last
Terminator and Terminator 2

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