Interview with Jenette Goldstein, 1987

Strange Shapes


Vasquez lives – and the charismatic actress being the smart-gun toting marine is armed against extraterrestrial trouble.

Somewhere, beneath the makeup, sweat, ferocity and courage that made up Private Vasquez, the rippling heroine of Aliens, there’s a soft-spoken, freckled, 5’2″ woman named Jenette Goldstein.

Goldstein, to her credit as a performer, shares precious little with her scene-stealing character; in fact, had the film been a true representation of the 26-year-old actress, it might have been titled Beverly Hills Marine. Yes, far from the gritty deprivation of Aliens, the actress was raised in that much publicised community. Despite growing yo so near the glamour of Hollywood, the trappings of celebrity remain foreign to Goldstein. She enjoys the anonymity, and she’s still a bit amused by the flood of fan mail she received – ranging from the US Marine Corps to often offers of marriage (to late, but more…

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