How to re program an Intek HR 5500 Radio Transceiver

The Intek HR-5500 CB Radio is a 28MHz radio transceiver (CB radio) which can be expanded via software to 25.605-30.115MHz. The CB radio comes as a standard 28MHz radio transceiver, which broadcasts and receives on standard UK/EU Citizen Band radio channels (channels 1-40). However, reprogramming the radio allows it to transmit and receive on 10m Amateur Band.

The HR-5500 is also known as an SS-6900, AT-5555, DX-5000, BR-9000. The following video will work on those radios too:

This upgrade (or hack) enables the radio to transmit and receive on frequencies other than what it was shipped with.

The reprogramming is not permanent, and can be changed back by reprogramming it again. You can download pre-programmed settings off the internet (see below), instead of having to type in the frequencies you’d like to use.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that when you first read the default bank of frequencies off the radio that you SAVE a back-up copy to your computer. If it all goes wrong, you can re-load that saved file back into the radio and reset it back to the factory settings.

The software can be downloaded here:
The cable can be bought here:
Data files can be downloaded here:

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