Big Brother: Power Trip – Viewing Figures

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Channel 5’s Big Brother: Power Trip launched on June 5th 2014 with over  2.27 million people watching Launch Part 1 on Thursday, and over 1.87 million watching Launch Part 2 on Friday. The launch show marked a 3% increase in viewing figures compared to 2013’s Secrets And Lies theme which had 2.20 million viewers. Big Brother came up against the World Cup on Saturday 14th June where 14.7 million people watched England play against Italy, resulting in audience viewing figures of just 1.16 million for Big Brother. However, the next evening came in at 1.43 million, with the rest of the following week averaging 1.47 million. Viewing figures for Big Brother: Power Trip averaged 1.48 million throughout June. The below chart shows the regular daily rise and fall of viewing figures throughout June, comparing 2012, 2013 and 2014:

Big Brother Viewing Figures Comparison (June)

More to come…

* figures taken from website.

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