Dear Freelancer…

TV Types

Try to ignore that cautious voice in the left corner of your brain. This is not the last ever contract you’ll be offered. Book the holiday. Go, be the Best Man. Remind your auntie Carol what you look like. Or just lie on the sofa watching Neighbours in the nude (the soap, not the Joneses). You’ve earned it.

Try not to fall for it again. It’s not “just an extra three weeks”. You said that 3 years ago. You had less grey hair then. Now you, more than most, know that three weeks in the wrong contract can pass like three decades in Guantanamo Bay.

Try to remember you’ve been here before.

Try to remember just last month when you said “I’d rather work as a porta-loo attendant than ever work for that company again” and you meant it. It’s time to test that theory and your nerve.

stress eggs
Try giving your…

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