About Mercian Media

Mercian Media is the Ltd Company owned and managed by me, Alex. I’ve worked in the Film and Television industry since 2001 doing a variety of jobs.

I’ve worked in Post Production, Television Transmission and Live TV Broadcasting. I’ve worked as a TX Controller and Engineer, worked in Content Control, Acquisition and Delivery. I’ve also worked in Ingest & Playout and Outside Broadcasting.

Through the various experiences and companies I have worked for, I’ve been able to settle with a job that’s not only a hobby, but very fun to do. I currently work freelance as a Director and Vision Mixer.  Some of the shows I’ve worked on include Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother, Sky News, Sky Sports, London Live, QVC, Bloomberg Business and Sky Sports News.

I’m a member of ther Vision Mixers GuildThe Crewing CompanyDirectors UK, and Combined Mind.

You can visit the Mercian Media website here.

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