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Big Brother 2011: The Winner

Aaron Allard walked away with £50’000 prize money alongside an additional £10’000. In the last week of Big Brother 2011 the housemates were told the prize money was being split from £100’000 into two halves. Even although Alex was given £30’000, Jay was given £15’000, Louise was given £4000, Aaron was given £990 and Tom was given £10, they opted to put the money together outside of the programme and split it equally.

Aaron Leaves the Big Brother house a Winner

Aaron poses

Aaron and the Prize Money


Big Brother 2011: The Final. Eviction No 12

The final showdown came between Aaron Allard and Jay KcKray… and with the most votes for the series, Aaron became the winner of Big Brother 2011. And Jay was evicted.

Aaron wins Big Brother

Aaron and Jay


Big Brother 2011: The Final. Eviction No 11

With only three housemates left in the Big Brother house, the next eviction was a shocker. Alex (who was hotly tipped to win) was next out leaving Aaron and Jay as the final two:



Big Brother 2011: The Final. Eviction No 10

It seemed 4th and 5th palce was always going to be between Tom O’Connell and Louise Cliffe. With Tom having been evicted the night before, Louise was next to walk the Big Brother walk:


It's Louise!

Louise and the other evictees