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The Celebrity Big Brother auction!

On the last night of Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (January, aka CBB9) there was a mad rush by, well, nearly everyone to get a hold of an Auction Folder. This had happened in previous series but I had never partaken in the venture. This time I thought I’d take a look. Considering the brilliant design of the Big Brother house for this series, I thought there’d be a few things I might want to have for myself. I waited till 15 mins before the end of the auction (I didn’t plan that, it’s just the way the insane queue system was working) and put my name down for some fake books that had been used as cut-away shots throughout the show, and also for some wooden vases which I had used for ‘Time Of Day’ shots, which sat on a table outside the Diary Room.

Low and behold, I was informed today that I won all the items I had written a bid down for! And I’m very pleased. The fake ledger books and the vases will look splendid in my tiny flat.



Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Eviction No 11

In yet another shocker, Frankie Cocozza became the 11th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house. A lot of the production crew were convinced Frankie had the show in the bag and would walk away the winner. But he was pipped to the post by Denise Welch.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Eviction No 10

Gareth was kicked out as 3rd place runner up. Astonishingly Gareth had been favourite to win most of the way through the series, until ‘fight night’ which put Denise Welch and Frankie Cocozza as joint leaders to win.

Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Eviction No 9

Michael Madson donned his cowboy hat and left the elusive Big Brother bungalow, making him 4th place winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2012.