Top Tips for Walker Stalker Con!


Myself and a group of friends attended Walker Stalker Con in 2016. It was the first time in London for the show. It was the first time for the venue. So for those going for the first time, here are some top tips!


  • WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES. It’s likely you will be on your feet for a LONG time, especially if you are waiting in line for selfies or autographs. Sometimes the stars have other commitments (panels and photo ops), so you might choose to stand in the queue till they get back again. It’s a LONG weekend on your feet. So take care of them.
  • TAKE FOOD AND WATER. In 2016 I paid £9 for a bottle of water, packet of crisps and the dullest of ham sandwiches. If you have space in a bag, take some food and water with you. Otherwise it cost a fortune just to stay alive.
  • TAKE CASH AND CARD. Selfies and Autographs tend to be cash only. Some of the vendors and food stalls are cash only too. So be prepared, and take cash. That also means keeping that cash SECURE on your person at all times! Most vendors take cards.
  • TREAT THE VOLUNTEERS WITH RESPECT. They are doing a job… for free… okay, so they get free photo ops and autographs on the Sunday as part of the deal… but they’re still DOING A JOB. If they ask you to move, please do so.
  • PLAN YOUR DAY. Some of the panel talks might mean a good opportunity to make a bee-line for the vendor stalls. The #WSCLondon official App shows maps of the Ground and Upper floor, and where all the stalls are. Take advantage, PLAN AHEAD.
  • BE POLITE. We’re all there to enjoy our love for the show. Bitching about waiting doesn’t get you anywhere other than frustrate those around you.
  • DON’T PUSH IN. The Brits are notorious for standing in line. Not in this case… People will be aware of their surroundings when waiting. They know exactly who’s in front and who’s behind. If you try sneaking in, you WILL be made a fool of and weeded out. So don’t even try.
  • PHOTO OPS ARE QUICK. Be prepared. If you are getting a Photo Op, you will be in and out in a matter of seconds (no joke). By the time you’ve finished reading just this sentence you’d have been in, snapped and then guided out the back to collect your photo. So jackets off, get ready to put your belongings down (in a safe place) and have that smile ready.

And above all… ENJOY YOURSELF!