Big Brother 2011: Launch Night


The launch of Big Brother 2011 was one of the best shifts ever. When the Morning Directors got in early, the Big Brother house was eerily quiet and still. Paddy Doherty had won Celebrity Big Brother 2011 the night before and nobody had been in the house since. An industrial deep cleaning team arrived promptly to deal with the carpets and the matresses. The ‘task team’ went in and put fresh sheets and covers on every bed. The kitchen was stripped and steam cleaned and all new utensils were put in and the garden was miraculously turned into a beach area with sand and a Life Guard hut. The smoking area was also turned into a VIP party area with gloss black flooring with under lighting, a VIP bar area and decor. All very swanky! Turned out this was only for the first day or so as part of a task.

Brian Dowling rehearsed from 10am onwards with the Roll To Record crews. He does it well and is even better with a good reactive crowd.

Technically I had finished my shift at 3pm but decided to stay the whole day to find out who the new housemates were. The names weren’t given till after 5pm and the internal photos weren’t shown till about 7pm.

By 7.30pm the crowds were in and the warm up guy had his work cut out. He played a selection of tunes such as We Will Rock You and got everyone involved with hand clapping and singing and occasionally throwing a Big Brother t-shirt into the cheering crowds. I like stuff like that, considering it’s a night out for the audience. The happier the crowd, the better they respond.

I found myself a good view for launch; right up by the photographers! A priveliged position! I even managed to get caught on camera a few times…

One by one the FOURTEEN housemates went down those famous stairs. And the fun began with Pamela Anderson, watching each VT as they went in and observing from a purpose built ‘living room’ area situated in the Large Task Room, taking notes for comment later. Some housemates were adoringly cheered whilst others were predictably booed.

Overall, the new housemates were a good looking bunch all under the age of 30.