CBB2012; We’re Back!

Big Brother Reality Gallery

It was so nice to be back. With Christmas and New Year firmly done and dusted it was time to knuckle down and get Celebrity Big Brother 2012 on the road…

… but at this stage of the game the Reality Gallery was completely closed down! Within minutes of Big Brother 2011 finishing, a ‘de-rig’ operation went into effect. Cameras come out, lights are taken down, property is removed and locked away. In typical engineering fashion, the 2011 derig was going on before we were even off-air.

And so the Reality Gallery was a shell. A blank canvas, if you will. The monitors were ready to be filled with camera feeds, the buttons were ready to be tallied with the cameras and the billions of HD back-up tapes were ready to be labelled (every single second of the house is recorded onto back-ups for compliance reasons and just in case there is a failure somewhere in an edit suite).

In the coming days the crews will be back in to re-rig the house with the new cameras and an army of people will get the house completely revamped. Bring. It. On.

Big Brother 2011: Eviction No 4


Maisy was the 4th Big Brother housemate to be evicted. Unlike previous weeks where voting was down to half a percent between contestants, this particular one wasn’t. Not so much boos for the lovely girl, which was nice. And she had a good eviction interview with Brian Dowling too.


Big Brother 2011: Eviction No 3

Heaven Exits

So, Heaven falls. Literally. Perhaps the first ever Big Brother contestant to fall up the stairs as they took the walk to the exit? With Heaven taking longer than the allocated time allowed, Brian carefully helped her down the stairs avoiding any more slips or falls. The pantomime boos hushed and her interview began.

Heaven and Brian
The best part for me? Heaven stating that the comic book stories of The Silver Surfer and The X-Men are true stories.

And with that, Heaven was gone. Unlucky for some, lucky for others.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Eviction Number 1

Jedward were dressed as babies for several hours that day. The production crew could be heard bellowing with laughter from several cabins away around the Production Village. Jedward were told off by Big Brother for not acting their age, and as such should become babies till they had grown up. It didn’t help. In fact, it freaked all the housemates out, especially Tara Reid and Paddy Doherty. Jedward were dressed in nappies and had giant dummies as well as fillable milk bottles. If anything, Jedward seemed to love becoming the JedBabies.

Celebrity Big Brother

After Sally Bercows’ eviction on Fridays live show, the housemates had to nominate again. They were paranoid all day. The announcement of who was up for the chop next was playing on their mind, even as they went to bed. Big Brother announced it was time for a microphone battery change. Just the announcement of “This is Big Brother” made them all jump.

Here’s a gallery picture from just before the 1st ever Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother eviction was announced. Notice presenter Brian Dowlings autocue prompt, his next line stating “THAT IS IT. The phone lines are now CLOSED”…

Celebrity Big Brother eviction