I’m on IMDB!

Being freelance means having your profile on the internet, and having it public for all to see. Typing your own name into Google and checking the results is one way to find out what your potential employers can see, and you’d better hope it’s all the good stuff they find.

Low and behold, a little searching finds my name listed at the following places:

Film Crew Pro

Combined Mind



Production Base

The Crewing Company


Being part of the Internet Movie Database is something I didn’t think would ever happen, but there it is! Albeit, some of the information was slightly wrong and had to be tweaked.

Five News; End of an Era

As a freelancer I found myself working at Five News this week, although only for 10 shifts. This wasn’t a new potential employer where I could pick up more work along the way. And the reason for that was simple; the following week Five News would no longer be broadcast from Studio C by BSkyB.

Five News studio

It never occurred to me when I agreed to do the work how difficult it may be. It wasn’t difficult in the sense of my job, it was more a psychological challenge.

When a contract ends at one place and begins at another there is a sequence of events that take place. In most cases staff resign to take up the same job with the new company. The ones left behind get redundancy.

As much as the spirit of Five News seems dampened by the end of the Sky News broadcasting contract, there is still a sense of excitement for a new launch for ITN.

Unfortunately for me, I was working with those left to redundancy. And it was never going to be an easy few shifts.

Five News logo