Big Brother 2011: Eviction No 7

Shock result! This week had Jem walk out whilst up for nomination with Aaron. The departure led to all housemates that received a nomination being up for the public vote. This left only Tom, Alex and Louise safe for another week. In part 1 Brian told the housemates that Aaron got the most votes followed by Jay and that the next person to leave would be announced “shortly”.

On this occasion myself and a work colleague took the unusual step of watching the live announcement from INSIDE the house. We stood at ‘window 28’ in the kitchen (the mirror directly behind where the housemates stood to boil the kettle or use the oven) and watched for a truly LIVE experience!

IMG_5923The shock result came in part 2 as Brian announced Harry would be the 7th housemate to leave the Big Brother house.




Mark Walks Out

This morning, Mark made his final decision and left the Big Brother house. It was an emotional morning. Big Brother switched on the bedroom lights and called Mark to to the Diary Room, and without hesitation Mark got dressed and started saying his goodbyes. It was a poignant moment when the housemates realised that Big Brother didn’t play in the usual annoying sounds to wake them up. Big Brother took a more gentle approach.

With many tears and hugs at the staircase Mark said his goodbyes and made his way through the Diary Room door and down the corridor. And then he was gone.

The housemates were just getting to grips with his decision when the lightbox changed to red to show Marks departure and a final announcement that Mark was no longer a housemate. Even I had a lump in my throat!